The Program

Our program is designed to help startup founders get through the early stages of their venture creation. No two startups are alike nor do they follow similar paths.

We focus exclusively on what’s best for each team, working with founders hands-on to provide whatever it is they need to succeed, whether it’s sharpening their unique value proposition, finding their market ‘sweet spot’, making their product more desirable or preparing to raise their first round.

We expect founders to commit seriously to their startup’s success. We don’t take equity.
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How it Began

In 2012, the year we started Siftech, only 12 startups were founded in Jerusalem. Though home to The Hebrew University, The Bezalel School of Art and Design and many other talent factories, future entrepreneurs were leaving the city en masse as soon as they graduated. They felt that the city had nothing to offer them professionally.

Students ourselves at the time, we witnessed this brain drain first-hand and decided to do something about it. We opened an entrepreneurship workshop in a small classroom at the Hebrew University campus, with the aim of helping and supporting entrepreneurs in their early stages of development. With one-on-one mentorship by leading figures from the Israeli startup scene and lecture-style sessions to help founders up their game, we hoped to become a pipeline platform for more companies to take root in the city.

By early 2014 the startup scene in Jerusalem went into overdrive and we decided to establish a full-scale accelerator program. It was time. We packed our things and set up shop in a new workspace in the JVP Media Quarter.

The Vibe

We don’t do departments, dividers, or bureaucracy, and you won’t find a reception desk or waiting area in our workspace. Gatekeepers are the enemies of collaboration, the killjoy of spontaneity.

That’s why the door to our workspace is always open (it is). Anyone can walk into Siftech and ask for help, advice, and direction. If we can’t help, we’ll find someone who can (we’re inveterate networks). Our workspace is located inside JVP Media Quarter, at the heart of Jerusalem’s start-up scene. This is a dream location for young startups. Housed in a stunning Bauhaus landmark overlooking the ancient Old City of Jerusalem, the Media Quarter is home to JVP and OurCrowd, two of Israel’s top VC funds, a rocking performing-arts hub and great restaurants and Cafés.

For entrepreneurs eager to grow their networks, this is a storied meeting place of hi-tech smarts, investors, entrepreneurs, creators, makers, and visiting dignitaries.


  • Zore
    Own your gun
    Zore recognized both the need for firearms and the measures needed to prevent their misuse.
    Zore's product, ZØRE X is a patented cartridge that connects you to your firearm. It is the fastest way to go from a locked firearm to disengaging & chambering a round and firing it. ZØRE X will also notify you if your gun has been tampered with when it's out of sight.
  • BreezoMeter
    Mapping the world’s air pollution
    BreezoMeter's mission is to improve the health and quality of life for billions of people worldwide, by providing accurate air quality data for consumers and businesses in a format as simple, intuitive and actionable as weather data.
  • Bitemojo
    Taste the universe
    Bitemojo offers self-guided culinary bite tours in the most fascinating destinations

    Through the Bitemojo iOS & android app now operating in Berlin, Bitemojo wishes to change the way people travel and experience destinations.
  • ModLi
    Modest fashion
    ModLi is the first & only modest fashion marketplaceconnecting millions of women from diverse backgrounds to modest fashion boutiques from around the globe.
  • ShapeDo
    Construction project plans and document management
    ShapeDo provides a web platform to manage and coordinate the planning and execution of construction projects.

    Access project data anywhere, anytime, with any device through the cloud. From bidding departments at headquarters to field teams, everyone accesses the same plans.
  • Exigence
    A smart downtime and critical incidents management platform
    Exigence focuses on the human factor in downtime management and leads teams through the sequence of actions necessary to resolve these events efficiently and capture knowledge.
  • Inpris
    Sightless touch for cars
    Inpris unleashes the future of touchscreens with technology that recognize the individual movement of every finger, creating thousands of new ways to control your device.
  • Yalabot
    Yala is a chat bot that uses sophisticated machine learning to publish your social media when your most engaged followers come online.
  • Picktorial
    Professional-quality, smooth and intuitive photo editing
    With carefully-designed workflow and innovative technology, Picktorial is the ultimate tool for every photographer to intuitively organize and enhance photos.
  • 3P Labs
    3P Labs
    Empower your business with 3P Lab's AI technologies
    3P Labs is developing a suite of cutting-edge Machine Learning products aimed at solving hard business problems. Their R&D solutions serve customers of all sizes - from large corporations to start-ups - impacting millions around the world.
  • 200 Apps
    200 Apps
    Application development
    200 Apps is a web and mobile development company providing cutting edge innovative solutions for both startups and established companies. Their products are designed and built for customer success.
  • CareNav
    Navigating your care
    CareNav is a digital health solution offering patient navigation services.

    Founded by patients for patients, CareNav believes that healthcare should be comprehensive, understandable and accessible to all patients. Their aim is to help patients get the best healthcare possible.
  • Efficacy
    Personalized medicine is the future
    The Efficacy care team has developed the ECtool: a software-based medical service for measuring the efficacy of treatment in patients with cardiovascular disease.
  • Fillip
    You help. You earn.
    Fillip is a market place that connects between people looking for assistance from agents/mediators and nonprofessional crowd-mediators, allowing those people to publish their requests, set a reward and attract mediators to help them promote their needs.

    Make a match and get rewarded.
  • GradTrain
    Graduate school abroad
    GradTrain is a curated marketplacefor people who move abroad, connecting them with opportunities, services and mentorship.
  • Lig
    Making legal simple
    Lig's mission is to democratize the legal field by enabling people to either file a lawsuit or protect themselves from one in just four steps and five minutes of their time and if the user prefer mediation or arbitration he needs to look no further.

    On the lawyers side Lig is a complete case and client management system for lawyers and mediators, allowing them to communicate with their clients in a highly efficient and secured environment.
  • Mathodix
    Doing math, your way!
    Using a unique algorithm, MathodiX checks and gives feedback for every step of a math students solution.

    The teacher then receives a detailed dashboard, showing the skills and the level of proficiency of each student.
  • My Part
    My Part
    MyPart offers a way to harness the collaborative power of the online artistic community into the creative process of individual artists.

    They aim to inspire great art and facilitate cross-genre collaboration, by breaking conventional barriers between industry leaders, performing artists, musicians, animators, songwriters, video-artists and graphic designers.
  • Nua Robotics
    Nua Robotics
    Technology and Magic
    Nua Robotic's 'Fellow' is a robotic platform and app that gives physical belongings the ability to move, follow, and communicate.

    It allows people to move freely in different environments, releasing us from the burden of carrying or navigating our belongings.
  • TryOn Heroes
    TryOn Heroes
    Engage your readers with the Vloggers they love
    TryOn Heroes benefits both publishers and content creators offering them interactive content units that make real people a part of an article.

    Wrapped in a smart, engaging and playful widget, TryOn Heroe's content is powered by real people with a real emotional connection to readers.

Our Experts

"Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty."
Sicilian proverb
At Siftech's core is its strong community. We’ve built a world-class family of entrepreneurs, investors and domain experts in everything startups need; from marketing, product development and design to legal, finance and preparing for fundraising.